Bring your college, career and engagement programs to life.

Virtual College and Career Speakers, Internship Management Platforms and much more!



Ideal for families & small organizations.

$20 per staff member / month

$1 per student / month



Ideal for mid-size organizations & non-profits.

$30 per staff member / month

$1.50 per student / month



Ideal for schools and school districts.

Please contact us to build your personalized quote.


Student Features Basic Premium
All Communication to students is monitored and tracked
iOS and Android Access
Staff to Student Web Conference
Virtual Career Speakers
Virtual College Speakers
SMS to Student and Parent
Direct Messaging
Group Messaging
Email Career Pathway Search and Save
Custom Career Pathway Journey via Virtual Career Speaker
Access to over 950 Career Pathways
Career Interest Survey
Career Pathway Selection
Career Selection Bank
Career Selection to Staff Connection
Career Search by Title
Career Search by Career Cluster
Career Search by Industry
Career Search by STEM College Search & Save
College save via Virtual College Speaker
Access to over 4,000 U.S. based Colleges, Universities and Community Colleges
U.S. Department of Education College Scorecard Integration
Median SAT and ACT scores
Cost of Admission based on family income
Add Favorite College Majors Internal Personal/Shared Calendar Semester Goals
Video Highlight Uploads
Internship Opportunity Portal
Student Achievement Sharing
Learning Style Assessments
Document Sharing
Staff Features Basic Premium
Virtual College Recruiter Up To 50 Participants
Virtual career speaker up to 50 participants
SMS to students and parents
All communication to students is monitored and tracked
Direct message students and parents
Group messaging
Mass email
Advanced grouping based
Advanced grouping based grade level
Advanced grouping based messages, video conferences, internship opportunities
Connected calendar with students
Mass event distribution
Student profile access: Grades
Student profile access: Profile Admin
Student profile access: Parent Listing/Communication
Student profile access: Career Interest Profiles
Student profile access: Student Organizations
Notifications: Social
Notifications: Student Profile Views
Notifications: Staff Only Newsfeed Posts
Student selected career pathways
Student selected favorite colleges
Student created video highlights
Student shared achievements
Unlimited student relationship management
Internship management
Career mentor assignment
Data reporting export
Services Basic Premium
Live virtual + face to face student profile creation
Live virtual college and career speaker training
Staff professional development
Assigned customer success consultant
Technical support